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Thanks Peter Miller for providing such fabulous photos.


For other photos please refer to the Centennial photographs in the Gallery Section - more photos will be forthcoming, so keep checking back!




What a weekend to celebrate the first 100 years of Waihora Rugby!!!  Stunning Rugby, glorious weather, great crowds, big night, the Magpies were well and truly flying high, soaring in to the history books.
"Greg Sparks Memorial Trophy"
Waihora "Magpies" 18 vs Lincoln 9

Waihora "Rockets" 6 vs Lincoln 20
Waihora Colts 22 vs West Melton 15
Waihora/Springston U18 3 vs Prebbleton 36
Waihora U16 34 vs Malvern Combined 0
Waihora U14.5 60 vs Malvern Combined 15
Waihora U13 45 vs West Melton Gold 0
Waihora U11.5 Black 44 vs West Melton Gold 12
Waihora U11.5 White 35 vs College Old Boys Red 15
Waihora U10 Black 85 vs Rolleston Gold 30
Waihora U10 White 45 vs Banks Peninsula 10
Waihora U8.5 Black 25 vs West Melton Green 35
Waihora U8.5 White 65 vs Lincoln Red 10
Waihora U8.5 Red 0 vs Rolleston Gold 50
Waihora U7 Black 60 vs West Melton Blue 50
Waihora U7 Red 45 vs West Melton Gold 50
Waihora U7 White 55 vs Banks Peninsula Gold 70
Waihora U7 Gold 60 vs Waihora U7 Green 60




This Saturday

11th May 2013

Waihora RFC Centennial

This Saturday is the club day we have all been waiting for, 100 years of Waihora Rugby, with all 19 Teams at home on the hallowed turf of Rhodes Park Domain.
Entertainment starts at 9:00am with our U7 Rippa Teams and culminates with The Mighty Magpies taking on our arch nemesis Lincoln for the coveted and prestigous ... Greg Sparks Memorial Trophy.
  • "Greg Sparks Memorial Trophy" Waihora "Magpies" vs Lincoln Rhodes Park Domain No.1 @ 2:45pm
  • Waihora "Rockets" vs Lincoln Rhodes Park Domain No.2 @ 1:30pm
  • Waihora Colts vs West Melton Rhodes Park Domain No.1 @ 1:00pm
  • Waihora/Springston U18 vs Prebbleton Rhodes Park Domain No.3 @ 2:00pm
  • Waihora U16 vs Malvern Combined Rhodes Park Domain No.3 @ 12:30pm
  • Waihora U14.5 vs Malvern Combined Rhodes Park Domain No.2 @ 12:00pm
  • Waihora U13 vs West Melton Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.1 @ 11:15am
  • Waihora U11.5 Black vs West Melton Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.2 @ 10:30am
  • Waihora U11.5 White vs College Old Boys Red Rhodes Park Domain No.3 @ 11:45am
  • Waihora U10 Black vs Rolleston Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.4 @ 10:15am
  • Waihora U10 White vs Banks Peninsula Rhodes Park Domain No.4 @ 11:15am
  • Waihora U8.5 Black vs West Melton Green Rhodes Park Domain No.4 @ 9:15am
  • Waihora U8.5 White vs Lincoln Red Rhodes Park Domain No.3A @ 10:00am
  • Waihora U8.5 Red vs Rolleston Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.3B @ 10:00am
  • Waihora U7 Black vs West Melton Blue Rhodes Park Domain No.3B @ 9:00am
  • Waihora U7 Red vs West Melton Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.2B @ 9:30am
  • Waihora U7 White vs Banks Peninsula Gold Rhodes Park Domain No.2A @ 9:30am
  • Waihora U7 Gold vs Waihora U7 Green Rhodes Park Domain No.3A @ 9:00am









MAY 10TH  11TH 12TH  2013

All past and present members and their wives/ partners are invited to all functions


Registration $10 per person/couple which includes the Centennial Booklet




7.00pm Conversazionne  Lincoln Events Centre     $15 per person

               Toasts and cutting of the Centennial Cake



9.00am onwards  Rugby games for all grades

11.00am  Photographs



6.30pm Centennial Dinner & Dance  Lincoln Events Centre  $35 per person

                  Guest Speaker  Steve Hansen

                  Auction  of Centennial Jerseys



11.00am  Golden Oldies versus Lincoln Lizards

                   Followed by BBQ lunch and windup

If you know of any persons requiring information please ask them to contact the Secretary via email or phone 03 3255 821

Old photos for the period 1988 to 2012 would be greatly appreciated

To assist with catering arrangements could you please fill out the form below and return  and register by the 31st January 2013



Tom McKay   Chairman

Murray Dulieu  Secretary


Registrations are now OPEN ...

Please refer to and complete the Centennial Registration Form and email to or phone Murray Dulieu 03 325 5821

An enthusiastic committee under the leadership of Bill Moore is busy putting together the Centennial booklet. They are wanting to put together a booklet that gives an extensive coverage of the last 100 years and are really keen to get hold of as much information and as many photographs as possible so if you have any information or photographs please email or phone Bill Moore 03 329 6867